Confession of a blogger wannabe

by - Thursday, January 24, 2019

Jammin' early 00's music, I realized how time flies, how time changes you, how different or similar you are from yesterday.

I started blogging in 2017, not too long but I'm already in the brink of giving up. Is it too early? Or it's simply not my passion? I remember when my friends advised me to make a blog to be with them during events. Soon enough, I've been tagged along on some Qatar Blogger's meet up and more.

It sure is fun and who wouldn't say no to free stuffs?

It is however the feeling of commitment to posting stuffs on your personal social media to satisfy the host establishment that made me stay out of the game — the feeling of not being my true self rather.

On another note, I am proud of Qatar based Filipino b/vloggers that are rising in Qatar now. Passion is the key in succeeding in whatever path any person will take. Salute!

I might still write some topic that interests me, who knows? As long as I do things to my satisfaction, my happiness. :)

Because in a world with billions of people, the race is not against anyone else, and there's no one to impress but your old self.

A better me,

Meloi 2019 ;)

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