Click: Helios 44-3 58mm

by - Thursday, September 10, 2020

|Edit: published January 30, 2019|

First, I am not a professional photographer. I just wanted to explore the world with my camera.

I am a lazy photographer and I always rely on Fujifilm's auto-focus capability and I am mesmerized by amazing bokeh as much as anybody would. That pro-like photo and subject separation is my Instagram photo inspiration.

This is why I was intrigued by the famous swirly bokeh of the Helios 58mm series. Output is pretty much as they claim it would be  lovely swirly bokeh even on striking ambient light.

It has soft focus, perfect for portrait shots

Swirly Bokeh : Fujifilm XT10 with Heliod 44-3 58mm Lens

I have it for over a year or two now but I don't really use it much because it is such a drag to use manual lenses especially if you're travelling a lot.

I had fund playing with it but it is definitely not a go-to lens.

model: @lobeliros

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