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by - Thursday, November 16, 2017

90 Seconds.

What's behind Mc Donald's Kitchen? How long does it takes to serve the meal? How do they retain freshness of food?

It takes around 90 seconds, on the average, for your food to be served from the time you've ordered. We'll of course it all depends on how many meals you've ordered.

1. Getting the order

Orders are taken from "Point-of-Sale" and will be passed to the kitchen – a systematic procedure to ensure that all orders are being served accurately and will meet the expected allocated time leading to a productive sale and of course, customer satisfaction.

You can also order directly from the kiosk...

2. Preparing

Each item in the menu are being cooked separately and each is set to have specific cooking time.

Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Burger container
Beef Burger container

Staffs are so quick at wrapping burgers.

3. Serving

You can check the status of your order at their digital board.

But what's best about Mc Donald's is their commitment to serve fresh and clean  food at clean environment.

Separate Gloves for food to avoid cross-contamination: Blue for raw; clear for cooked and ready to eat food 

Checking the oil status manually and their state of the art kitchen equipments that have indicator for oil change

Hand wash is a must


Big thanks to Mr. Ujjal & Ms. Lala of Al Mirqab Branch for accommodating us during the Kitchen Tour.

Photo by @bestlifeqatar

And yey! I've tried to swirl an ice cream!!  ❤️️

Send a private message to @mcdonaldsqatar to book your visit.

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