Sushi Places in Doha

by - Tuesday, August 22, 2017

All of my family and friends knows how much I love to eat and how much I love SUSHI!

I had a dream to eat my favorite food at its country of origin and prepared by its locals. Fulfilling that dream is part of my Journey to Japan in 2016.

I have really enjoyed my time in Japan, just imagine a platter of sushi for only 600 Yen. It's like 20 Riyals! oh yeah! You will not find this price anywhere in Doha, with all this fresh goodies.

I will definitely go back and chase that dream, again!

Now, let me share my top 5 sushi places in Doha. This is just my personal thought: based on taste, freshness and comfort.

1. Maison de Sushi

Love to have buffet but doesn't want to go around the buffet table? Maison de Sushi - they have daily open buffet, but what i loved the most is that they will serve these beautiful pieces upon your order. Who wouldn't relish the freshness?

If you you're not fond of eating raw, worry-no-more because they have almost everything you'll ever ask up to cooked sushi rolls.

The place is so lovely, it has an elegant but homey feeling. The feeling of wanting to go there after a long day of work.

And did I mention their staffs in yukata so kawaii!!

2. The Station Sushi

One of the tastiest sushi I've ever tried. What's the best thing? They accept "My Book"voucher!  So you will pay for almost half the price. Amazing isn't it?

And if a la carte isn't enough for you, they are offering buffet on Saturdays. That sushi tummy of yours wouldn't be happier. 😉

But I wouldn't recommend this place for a date or for someone who wants to have a tranquil dinner because of its location. It is located at Megapolis — an entertainment area with wide variety of games and activities.

If you want a more comfortable place to eat, you can also visit their branch at the Mall of Qatar.

*My Book is a  provider of 2 for 1 offers in Qatar

3. Megu

The ambiance is so exquisite, overviewing The Pearl's lagoon. A place where you can relax and have a good chat with. Or perhaps, have a good cup of coffee or tea after a sumptuous meal.

Megu serve its sashimi with ice on your table. You can barely distinguish the taste of sashimi from one restaurant to another but what you'll appreciate is on how they prepare and keep its freshness.

And of course, as a fanatic of good places and promotions. I always check if a restaurant I want to go to have a discount voucher. They accept My Book, Entertainer and Qgrabs. Yay!

4. Ocean Basket

I first tasted Ocean Basket back in the QIFF 2017 (Qatar International Food Festival) at Sheraton Doha. I remembered, I kept coming back at their kiosk the whole time. And even after the food festival, I still come back to their store at Mall of Qatar.

Additional Info: Ocean Basket accepts My Book voucher but excludes sushi on the promo

5. Yen Sushi Bar

Wouldn't it be lovely if they prepare it in front of you? They have a menu to choose from but you can also get from the conveyor belt. Sugoi!

All these fancy places, but if I just need to satisfy my cravings, Little Yee Hwa will do — just a few mins away from my office.

If you are a sushi lover, you definitely know these wonderful places. Check this out if you haven't already. 😉⇩


Yee Hwa

Cactus Senshi




P.F. Changs

There's more to discover, there's a long list of places I wanted to visit. This is a never ending journey.


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