D’chopstix Holiday Villa eat all you can sushi and tempura @ QR99

by - Thursday, September 28, 2017

So is your 99 Riyals worth it?

99 Riyals feels like a great deal especially for a sushi lover like myself. They have maki, nigiri and tempura.

Here are some sushi I've tried
Maki looks dry to me and they also do not have a variation of maki. Nigiri tastes great but they prepared only a few serving. And....... what's really lacking is sashimi.  This is the first time I've tried an eat-all-you-can sushi that's not including sashimi. I don't want to be rude but it's really a disappointment, I just want to be honest.

Chef-san is nice though, and so are the staffs

There's still 30 minutes left but they are not refilling the nigiri table.

Take Note: drinks are not included

So what's the verdict?

You can add a few riyals and look for other sushi places that offers eat-all-you-can deals (with sashimi!!) and yes, they are all over Doha.

Rating: 2/5
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